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Custom electric guitars made of aluminum Anticorodal and wood, inspired by Travis Bean guitars project.

The entire soul of the guitar - headstock and neck, where pick-ups and strings are fixed - is made with a solid milled block of Anticorodal aluminum.

NUDE guitars & basses are real ‘’custom-made’’ instruments that you build, and you can follow them coming to life with updates and photos from the lab during the construction.

Our commitment, reason and goal is to build YOUR instrument, like you never had, that will follow you for ever like a fucking Daemon.

The price depends by the project and the model that will be made together through a ‘’project form’’, with photos, informations and ideas that you can / must provide, about any desired shape, scale length, finishing touches and pick up configuration.

Fretboards are made with wood, aluminum or richlite, under customer’s commission.

Bodies are made with wood or plexiglass. Normally I use Chesnut and Walnut wood from Tuscany forests. 

You can change the body however you want, whenever you’re tired of shape, everything is always 100% customized.

Sound is super resonant with full sustain, deep bass frequencies and huge attack of the chords.

What about the topcoat ?

Three final touches available :

- citrus wax : super resistant over time, perfumed and it gives an extremely natural effect in tone and touch.

- oleouretanic paint : this method has the mechanical and restorative features of paint but the natural aesthetic effect of oil, super resistant and velvety.

- polyurethane varnish : classic super glossy and resistant enamel paint … not recommended !

You can choose what you prefer, but I hardly recommend light and natural finishing.

I don’t recommend to use sparkling, heavy and thick lacquer because it reduces sound and stops the unique and particular resonance of NUDE guitars.



I ask a deposit of 40% of the total agreed.

the rest of the money during the work in progress for 5/6 installments.



the starting price is about :

- from € 2300 for a guitar  

- from € 2500 for a bass        

- from € 3000 for a Acrylic body 

- up to € 3500/5000 for many others special requests.

- Case and shipping costs not included.


WAITING TIME -  Now it's usually about 5/6 months.


Write to me or fill out the form below without obligations and I’ll send you a quotation. 

You can begin to design and project your personal NUDE without any commitments and free of charge.


I tuoi dati sono stati inviati con successo!

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